Quantum Teleportation Experiment

The Fermilab Quantum NETwork, or FQNet, is a quantum teleportation experiment. In its initial phase, it is based on commercial optical fibers used to distribute a property called entanglement across distances of tens of kilometers.

In quantum entanglement, two or more particles are inextricably linked to each other, so that a description of one necessarily implies a description of the others. That is, one particle cannot be described independently of the others. This entanglement can occur even when the particles are separated by large distances, and to describe it, Albert Einstein coined the phrase “spooky action at a distance.”

Entanglement is also a property of certain systems of qubits, which are units of quantum information.

FQNET will explore the entanglement phenomenon over a long distance. It will be used for R&D on future quantum communication technologies and protocols. Advancements in quantum networking have the potential to revolutionize computation, communication and even our fundamental understanding of space-time.

The FQNET experiment was launched as part of the INQNET research program. INQNET fosters fundamental quantum information science and technologies under the Alliance for Quantum Technologies, co-founded by Caltech and AT&T’s Palo Alto Foundry innovation centers.

Caltech/JPL and Fermilab lead the FQNet R&TD program, while prospective members include Harvard MIT and other academic institutions.